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When you have access to the right preparation tools, passing the IELTS test is simple. Our extensive library of free IELTS preparation materials and tools will assist you in achieving your desired score.

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We have concentrated on assisting IELTS candidates in achieving the best possible results. We are native English speakers with over 25 years of English teaching experience, 18 years as IELTS examiners, and 14 years as the administrators of our online IELTS course. Our online course has everything you’ll need to get the IELTS result you need, with lessons on every aspect of IELTS covering all of the skills you’ll need.

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Practice tests can help you achieve a high IELTS score. These practise tests will teach you how to frame your answers under time constraints. You’ll also be able to see your score and identify your strengths and weaknesses.


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Your vocabulary accounts for 25% of your score on the writing and speaking tests, and understanding a variety of words is required for a good result on the reading and listening tests as well. As a result, all members have access to our complete IELTS vocabulary course, which covers all ten common IELTS themes. We advice and tips in each chapter are actually more useful than those in the official Cambridge material that was written by the exam writers

What's My CEFR Level ?

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This is the best place to start! From this page, you can find out what the CEFR Levels are and what they mean. You can also take the level tests below to see what your current CEFR English level is. There is a grammar test, a vocabulary test and a reading test. The CEFR levels range from Level A1 (Beginner) to Level C2 (Proficient). Knowing where you are on the CEFR scale can really help you know what you need to study and how to improve. To get a good result in an English test like IELTS, you will need a CEFR level of at least B2 (Intermediate), so use the resources on this page to see what your level is.

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