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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

The client understands and agrees that the total invoice amount (bill value) will include the Gospel Immigration consultation fee and the applicable tax. However, the refund would be calculated only on the Gospel Immigration consultation fee. The tax component is non-refundable at any stage. The terms and conditions as well as refund policy of such type at agreed and formulated agreement with GOSPEL Immigration thereby use of the services or delivery of services at any form or in any country will mandate the the final decision of the company GOSPEL Immigration and solely finalised on all hearing at prime authority and autonomy of GOSPEL Immigration Pvt. Ltd

The Client consciously and willfully understands that in the eventuality of the Client deciding not to relocate, for any reason whatsoever, the Client is obliged to make all installment payments and shall not be entitled to any refund of fee paid to the Company or all any other authority or organization in this regard. The Company shall be exonerated of all conditions, obligations and liabilities mentioned in this Agreement. In case of rejection by the Immigration and Visa Authorities, GOSPEL Immigration will refund upto 100% Percent amount as per stated in the agreement. The discount will be paid just if the Company can’t invert the dismissal choice using any and all means which may incorporate refiling of the case and so on.The refund will be made within 45 working days after the client submits the Refund Claim Form to GOSPEL Immigration . Client has to enclose a copy of the letter of rejection from the Authority to support the Refund Claim. If a client fails to enclose a copy of the rejection letter or rejection stamp on the client’s passport, GOSPEL Immigration will not refund the applicable refund amount. Client also has to enclose the refund request form, a copy of his/her receipt for payment made to GOSPEL Immigration. Failure to enclose these documents will make the client ineligible for the refund.

The company is not responsible for any delay caused by third-party services such as Courier Services etc. based on external factors like these. Also, clients cannot claim a refund of service charges. Clients should understand and agree that, under the Canada/Australian Immigration process, partner skills assessment result is subject to the decision of the concerned authorities, and GOSPEL Immigration has no control on the outcome of the application. GOSPEL Immigration is not responsible for refund of any fees or other amounts/charges that have been paid to any Assessing Bodies, Immigration Authorities, Embassy/Consulate/High Commission in the event of the applicant not getting approval of visa/immigration, or in case of rejection or non acceptance of his/her application at any stage by any respective authority. The registration/processing fees only includes the charges towards the services rendered by GOSPEL Immigration and does not include any application or assessing fees. The applicant agrees to pay the entire additional fees, as applicable during the processing.The application or processing fee paid to visa authorities or any other institution is the liability of the client and is not included in the service charges. GOSPEL Immigration will not entertain any claim of refund in case of rejection.

If the applicant has paid the money through an online card service, the client hereby agrees that he/she will not withdraw, or is not entitled to charge back the amount, without the knowledge of GOSPEL Immigration , in case of payment made by any mode. This includes PayU except otherwise following the norms of refund as mentioned in the agreement and the procedure prescribed by law prevailing at that time under the Jurisdiction of Bengaluru, State of Karnataka. In the event that you have signed up for GOSPEL Immigration services under the installment payment option or made a part payment and the immigration law changes after you have signed this agreement or anytime during the processing of your application, and due to this change of law, you are now ineligible to apply for the service you have signed up for. In this case, the client will not be entitled to a refund of any fees previously paid as the first installment or any part payment to GOSPEL Immigration .

The client should also understand and accept that no refund or transfer of GOSPEL Immigration fee to a friend or a relative will be done in the event he or she abandons his/her application or decides to opt out due to any reason during the proceedings after he/she signs-up.

The client should also understand and accept that no refund or adjustment of GOSPEL Immigration fee will be done in the event he or she abandons the original service/process he or she has signed-up for and decides to switch over to another service/process with GOSPEL Immigration or opts for immigration to a different country.

It is further made clear that, 100% non-refundable there shall be no refund in any other cases, including cases of self withdrawal for any reason, any personal loss, job or financial loss, medical reasons, not being able to get the required documents, pursuing other international opportunities on own accord etc. In such cases, subject to the sole discretion of Gospel Immigration, the services can be put on hold for a reasonable time.

Gospel Immigration PVT LTD isn’t a piece of any administration authority/association or international safe haven. We are a Private Limited organization and we don’t have the position to allow you a visa of any sort. We can just help and exhort individuals who need to relocate or make a trip to their chosen nation. It would be ideal if you note that an official choice on all visa applications rests with the significant government offices in their individual nations. For further details, please Reach out to us on +91 +91-8431876012 or you can email us on Operations@gospelimmigration.in. One of our representatives will get back to you at the earliest.